What’s love got to do with it now?

There was no other suitable title for this other than the all too familiar words from Mrs. Tina (I prefer not to use any last name she has had) herself. As I know I’m not the only one who tear up at the very recollection of Mrs. Tina’s past life events depicted on 🎞 film in a compelling five star rated biopic 🎥 …

Since, I was so young at the time, I had never seen an interview with Mrs. Tina’s own words describing what she thought of the films depictions of her life experiences. However, I will now.

Under threat, duress & the unspeakable horrors of severe unprovoked violence, it was always to my wonderment how Mrs. Tina was able to survive the not only physical but psychological effects of these inhumane manipulation tactics of torture. To the extent of her abuse and people who enabled it around her, I was never settled in my mind that she was at all safe or not psychologically permanently impaired by the overwhelming amount of trauma she had suffered.

Now as far as this channels commenter, with her analysis on the situation of Mrs. Tina’s life and occurrences of past n present events, Wise? 🤔 I wouldn’t necessarily call her that. Not only bc she is not of elder age, but bc you would have to decide that for yourself, I need a little more to work with but to each its own.

Absolutely no spoilers here. If you dare to watch, please only do so at your own will or ignore this post. Some don’t like to be desensitized against their wishes. Especially to content that they didn’t go searching for and neither do I. Don’t say you weren’t forwarned.

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