Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis? “Different Strokes” for diff folks

Did you hear that American immigrants? I did! And she made herself loud and clear for the rest of us who wholeheartedly agree!

What a shame how Woodrow white supremacist Wilson, one of the first generational American presidents, got away with the massive import of their White European cousins, friends and foe, to help them become and majority and this bully the land in majority military rule. Even after the Buffalo soldiers and Negro nurses, helped fight to secure our Free Republic. Black men secured the win and Black women cared for the sick in the victory of the Civil War.

Plans don’t always go according to schedule for any of us. But they are always still on time. Be that as it may, lets explore the American historical timeline…

The majority of the population of White “settlers” were predominantly Confederate flag supporters. Fast forward, South confederates and North confederates beliefs about slavery differed. One side was against slavery and the brutal treatment of their Human diaspora of Negro Africans and or non-White admixtures of African and Asian Natives. However, they both agreed that European White Caucasians were superior to ALL human being on the planet. Assuming since their race have managed to successfully conquer and kidnap and dominate all other non-White races.

Thus, there was no way any, or 99.98% of White Americans were intellectually or emotionally ready, willing and able to accept equality with the races that they felt that they were superior to. Some tribes of whitewashed Natives were also divided by cultural beliefs and their Native enemies by territory across the Americas, before the white settlers set afoot. This division is what helped with their own inside betrayals that helped Europeans to conquer them. Some Natives were more of African descent and some were more of Asiatic descent. But even with their human differences, they were all agreeable with the peace and in sharing their lands with one another among themselves.

The ancient mestizo Mexican was the asiatic Natives that shared some of the Americas land with the dark hued African Natives (Muur/Moor), who were found to have been there long before everyone else. The Muur/Moors had long established systems of law with peaceful agreements about territory until European voyagers called “colonialist” crept up on the shores.

There were so many sacrifices, wars, and important variables in between that we hardly ever given recognition to, but I am trying to skim through to get to my point that reflects my revisit of this history.

Some natives, just like some Muurs/Moors, worked with, captured and sold other Natives into bondage for European settlers. They traded their human enemies for deadly weapons (guns), gold and other things that they considered valuable to them. There is no excusing this, however, respect for human life was not very big in those days. Man, in general, was a enemy of himself and a threat to all species. The world had already long since been turned upside down by the acts of ancient Egyptian pharaohs so this was nothing new. The rulers of Ancient Egypt, formally known as KMT and the entire united continent of what we call Africa today, were the first to turn from Ma’at, matrilineal law. Which later became a Male centered patriarch that recognized only Male supremacy.

Although, due to their worldwide colonialism, the European or non-African Caucasian race, have taken the blame for modern day patriarchal social, political and religious systems across the world. But it is much more of an impossibility for the Caucasian race to have started these things among ancient civilizations based on Male-supremacy, simply because the records prove otherwise and given the fact that Caucasian Dna doesn’t trace that far back before predynastic history.

With this in mind, Natives, a mixture of the mestizo Mexican, African elite Muurs, Genghis Khan, were all ruled by a hierarchy of Men. These men, no matter what race, culture, creed, always had traitors and sell outs and were able to use women as human collateral (only seen as child bearers, concubines and servants to them who made themselves ‘Womb-mans’ owners; Fathers or Husbands), and traded as concubines. Maybe to satisfy a debt, or to help conquer or deceive another man.

So when people wonder how one could sell their own brethren out, tell them to ask our predominantly, elite and lower caste ALL Male rulers, in their preferred system of ancient and modern day Patriarchy. Its a REAL NO-brainer. Or is it just a no-brainer? Lol whatever you get me.

Yeah, so getting back to the involuntary servitude, forced on the unsuspecting west and east Moorish empire enemy and cousins whom eventually made up the diaspora of the so called African slave trade. The laws of indentured servitude ruled for all Whites (Albions, Circassians, etc.)/Caucasian, Asians, Indians, everywhere around the entire world. This is how the myth came about that the “African” sold their own people into the Europeans imperialist “involuntary chattel slavery”. This is untrue. The so called “African” are all of different nations, tribes, have different traditions and cultures by ancient history phenotype and or genotypes. So if one was to say that their nemesis is their enemy of a specific group (insert country or original lineage land of origin) of the African race sold a different group out, then that would be accurate and correct.

Now common sense should tell us that all men were at war with themselves and their male supremacist egos across the entire border. These men all had same race enemies, as well as other race enemies. Where a few may indeed sell another they hated out. Unfortunately Its the way the world primitive minded and all, turned. But, whatever the case, the majority of the people were innocent and usually made casualties of war by their warring leaders. The many unnecessary, historically documented and undocumented, wars between men are almost a never ending story.

White men, yes, were some weirdos and were different. But nonetheless, they were no better or less than any other man, just because they so happened to have been able to play one against the other, hence the state of the world today.

Back to this American history whipping, oopsI mean lesson… There were in turn different groups apart of the Confederacy, who would have never guessed that any side of their Civil war, would end in help from the inferior Negro. The negro classified as 3/5ths a human being. Who knew any white man (Lincoln) would be brave enough to make a solid deal with Negro Natives for the prize of their total freedom, reconstruction of government with reparations and equality among all men? Who knew the excaptives, by common and supreme law, would be automatically set to inherit supreme constitutional, National and State jurisdiction in the borders of North & South America after freedom. Signed and Sealed with the inception of Lincolns Union 13th, 14th and 15th (lawfully and legally Ratified Supreme court declared Negroid Amendments), and the Buffalo soldiers creation of Republican party.

Who would have ever thought, a widely known and assumed common white racist president (theres a back story I won’t go into here) would contractually secure his excaptives descendants legacy and inheritance of this land, in a construction originally meant for Europeans declaration of freeman? Who knew that it only took one president (either ignorant or all knowing) to judicially release a people of 337yrs of torturous involuntary bondage? As far as the confederate north and south were concerned, this war was about money and negro slaves could never be 100% equal to whites. Even on their best day. And if they were granted physical freedom from being bought and sold and treated like cattle, they would never get their own amendments and become apart of the United States of Americas organic constitution.

Furthermore, no one would ever have guessed that the losing Native chiefs of slave owners, would honor the win enough to rightfully change their treaties of 1866 to include their negro slaves and descendants as officially part inheritors and owners of the Americas. As restitution for the crimes committed against them. They respected them so much that they named the negro men “Buffalo soldiers”, because their fighting was unlike any other that they had ever seen.

Moreover, when the war was won……………….(civil war reasons). The side of losing Southern confederates, had to pledge allegiance to the new constitution amendments, the flag and give their blood oath, to keep their states, or be exiled and lose it all. Of course, eventually after ratification of the new Negroid amendments, within the 3 year time frame, they all had signed. Almost little to no white supremacist were deported by military. Thus the difficulty the military’s possi-comitatus had to face with righteously protecting the newly freed and Native declared Republican party created, Negros.

Today we can admit to knowing that the Jim Crow Southern states laws which defied constitutional law, committed treason. But there was no one willing or wanting to start another civil war after so many casualties and losses. Segregation was fine when Negroes didn’t need to associate or operate on American soil within the newly incorporate states legal injustice system. Based on their preferred racist States statues and a color of law. And before the foreign Europeans monetary system swooped in to promise the confederate state leaders a piece of the worlds monetary pie. To recuperate their slave trading losses and cheap to free life long labor. As such, the lawlessness, and shameless violence of lynching (murder with impunity), and riots, burning down Negro towns and businesses ensued. Ex-slave owners suicide increased because of the loss of wealth and class, as things began to look better for Negro future wealth. As they worked hard to provide for themselves with minimal help and support from the government on the land.

Of course, lets not forget only 10,000 out of over 1 1/2 million rightfully were distributed so called land or “40 acres and a mule”. Until the confederates, determined to crush reconstruction and continue emancipation, sent armed men on horses to deceptively request for the land to be temporarily given back. Although 400 Negro families were not fooled out of the 10,000, and thus took up arms to protect their new land. Apparently these White supremacist confederate left overs didn’t plan on following the new constitutional laws unless it benefited them.

Thanks to Woodrow Wilson, the zionist banking system promised the White supremacist a guaranteed monetary security with “the birth of a new nation”. Wilson went to call off the military possi comitatus military protection for negroes, and started baiting and sponsoring the importation of indentured servitude weary European whites looking for freedom from the British monarchy.

Bottom line is, Europeans were sponsored here as White supremacist replacements. When they got too big headed in white privilege, they would not replace the cheap labor force. The Negro did this w/o other choice for a while, until they no longer needed to. As they had eventually set up their own resources with a entire Statewide expansion of Black businesses, known as Black Wall Street. And successfully thriving, independent Black towns.

After Black Wall Street, was strategically viciously, brutally, burned down and destroyed by overt cohorts of evil, blacks were displaced and once again were forced to serve the cheap labor market. When the inflation of the money changers became unpredictable, blacks could no longer survive accepting the pennies being paid by the predominantly European and White jewish hierarchy of American employers.

The Non-European Importation and sponsorship of Asians, the colonized classified as “hispanic” spanish speaking and the colony territories of Island black/brown/yellow, American immigration, was more than enough of a permanent solution. It was the stone that killed 2 birds at one time. Can you guess what these were?

The black/brown/red immigrants were needed as buffers, but not racially wanted to get too far ahead. When enough were sponsored here, they set up racial classifications, to legally keep track, legally discriminate and easily distinguish the predominantly White/Caucasian classified immigrants from the predominantly black/brown/red immigrants. This was all before systematically gaining citizens unsuspecting hospital births DNA of traceable country lineage, through hospitals undisclosed ‘fine print’ consent forms. The world is driven half crazy with these legal racial definitions and false classifications of ‘race’ to a mere random color of “white”, “black”.

As far you modern day privileged black/brown/yellow/red immigrants, you chose to LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY PERMANENTLY. You voluntarily continue in a majority to abandon your own colonized nations that are now free of racial discrimination to come here and racially discriminate and belittle the Negro native Black descendants and builders of this country. The law allows you to unjustly use a made-up, classified unconstitutional, U.S. corporation compliant “minority status”. We have our own issues here already, with ahead start from you in history, pride and knowledge of self just because you are here on the backs of our ancestors, not your own.

Collectively, Black American Natives dysfunctions and issues may be many, given the corporate fascism in government and the future of our people may seem bleek to you, because you really don’t care or have to, BUT… We are still here witcha nosy BLACK ass. So be that as it may, we are still here with our ancestors! You are a runner and runner up with false pride. Nobody respects a selfish runner with a weak spirit. You guys are all like the rabbit in the fairytale, where the naturally slow but intelligent tortoise, still went on to defeat in a physical race. Playing culture war games with your offsprings lives is not honorable. Ask the European American migrant immigrants about that. Most of them are not even respected nor wanted back in their different European nations themselves anymore.

Don’t start none won’t be none!

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