UNDER-reporting news, but another written exactly the same..Word for Word. Huh?

iWhat in the short yellow school bus, is the cotton picking meaning of all these NON-DETAILED NEWS WRITE UPS??? They must think, nope, they must KNOW, that most of our attention spans are seriously declining in intellect. Or too heavily sedated on something to accept this bs as accurate news reporting. Come on now, y’all just doing thee entirely crazy most on the world wide web..smh lol.

I didn’t want to post this story here, I just wanted to confirm the accuracy when I suddenly came across it. So I’ll use this as an example of what seems to the pseudonym journalisms narrative lately. I don’t know how long this nonsense has been going on. However, it’s more than ridiculous. Its also nerve wrecking, when I just need more to digest about a story claimed to be somebody’s reality. There is just too much missing. When did reporting become a random soup kitchen line?

Here is a list of links that is reporting on this story… And but, well, ALL of them are exactly the same. WORD for freakin’ WORD! Feels like I’m watching a black n white rerun of the twilight zone.

Warning; this list is exhausting. So if you want to bypass it, then by all means do so. You won’t be missing a darn thing. They all mirror each other. Only difference is the website itself.

















This website here below, apparently has a few different url linked websites, which is redirected back to it. So it didn’t make sense to post the over 3 that I found so far. This is just their main parent site. 👇🏾

Now I don’t know about you but I’m sarting to think this an inside job. Google Gates???


Anyhow, I finally found this website along the way to have reported this story a little bit differently. Nothing extravagant or any more detailed, but somewhat more sensitivity to the subject and its tragic turn of events.

Seriously, are these so called 1 sentence possibly ‘fake news’ reporting websites supposed to be believable? They aren’t backed up by absolutely anything. Shouldn’t they kindly link back to a verifiable source or some more in depth, detailed info that we may use to do our own futher research into? Nope, nothing, nada. Okay. Well, now this is why I intend to surely share only articles of News, videos, etc., that are vastly detailed 📰 and well worth the read 🗞. Not a waste on my computer, tablet or smartphone clicks.

Why even report on a story if there are hardly any broad details or an actual criminal conviction anyway? Ok, maybe in this case, a confession is almost like a conviction. Regardless, we all know more times than most, that whenever we want to go back to the same source of an article and check up on any updates to that story, there usually are never NONE made. Thus we are all left hanging, feeling empty and confused as if the shock value of it all wasn’t enough.

Why patronize a website ever again, knowing that their stories are always incomplete? Why give permission for their websites ‘cookies’ to desensitize and disrupt my innocence? They know darn well that these moral-less, lifeless reports of a continuing little shop of horrors, all over the freakin country, can possibly cause panic attacks and anxiety where there may be none. How rude 🤬.

Welp, I’m over it. These stories are a waste of my time and energy. I get the point of needing to know whats possibly going on around us for the sake of caution and safety. But I am surely going to, not only start ignoring, but taking note of the sites with this repetitive dumbed down, ADHD, incomplete and LAZY type of fake, oops, ‘alternative news’ reporting style. There is NO intelligent effort or unique ground work put into ✍️ their narratives. They relay an emotionless list of events over n over again, w/o even so much as giving any respect and consideration to victims and their families, that may possibly read it. So there is NO point in using what may be my last brain cell (sarc), to absorb a story if it can be anything from happy to very disturbing.

Not only has mainstream media news coverage given countless red flags of deception and lost much of the publics trust in the past years, but some proclaimed alternative media online, also seems to be sinking to all time lows of integrity and fast. Do better America. Website spamming is embarrassing and disrespectful!

For the record, I guess, “alternative” doesn’t necessarily mean “true”. I’ll let that sink in. Seems like the perception is that most people are group thinkers with short attention spans. And quite frankly, as is sad, they may be right. I said what I said.

One thing I know, is that all these epic, bottom lip dropping reported crimes, supposedly coming out of the state of Florida, seem weird as-f. Although this case in particular, may not apply, I thought one were innocent until proven guilty. No?

So people may happen to get arrested for minor infractions or misdemeanors, such as legally protesting and or j-walking etc., this mugshot obtained by law enforcement, can be exploited and exposed online?. Really? If one is arrested, falsely accused, yet never convicted of a crime after or before a trial, and or released, does not their mugshot, splattered all over the internet, assume that an arrest was justified and ended in a conviction? Get OUT. What kind of sorcery is this?

“That said, there are now several lawsuits filed on the subject of arrestees’ on-line rights that make a few claims. The first type of lawsuit is that raised in a class action lawsuit filed in Connecticut by people who have been arrested, but not convicted of a crime or whose convictions were later expunged.

While the lawsuit was not specifically filed against a website for the posting of a mug shot, it was filed against an online newspaper that refused to take down an old article that detailed an arrest for a crime. The crime was later expunged, but the story remained on line.

The lawsuit claims that keeping the content available on line is a form of defamation—a false statement that harms someone’s reputation.

Along the same lines, a bill currently being debated in the Florida state legislature would, if passed, require that mug shots of people who are arrested, but not convicted be taken down.

The second type of lawsuit against the mug shot websites is that the sites violated the arrestee’s right to publicity.” – https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/what-rights-do-people-have-to-their-own-mug-shots-online

“Mugshots Shouldn’t Be in the Public Record. Here’s Why.” – https://www.citylab.com/life/2013/10/case-making-mugshots-private/7159/

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