The Presentation Teaser

Um, this one right here is a very touchy and sensitive subject. Religion, does it get any better? I must say w/o giving away too many spoilers, this Italian Mauro Biglino character has presented his information on Religion, with all due respect to anyone who doesn’t agree. Biglino, those Italians, have some ego fitting names, don’t they? Lol. Nevertheless very brilliant indeed.

I would say this was an award winning presentation, with a lousy ending. But thats besides the point. The point is, that his short presentation, served a purpose. Never heard things said the way he presented them before. Also learned a few things as well.

I must warn you that he speaks Italian, and this video has English subtitles. In which I’ve always thought was intriguing just because in another language from a different culture. But I’m the kid and adult-kid who used to sneak to the movies alone and watch all of them especially the subtilted ones. Lol, its funny how I always hoped that there was a hidden secret I’d discover being that those movies had very little audience.

Reading is fundamental. But reading some things is also may be a little detrimental.

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