The Biblical Cross or Thee Ancient Ankh

The Master Key to African Engineering

I’d have rather read what he got in the video in subtitles, then to hear his own narrative. However, let me get to the point. He brings forth evidence of the Ankh being a master key 🔐 to possibly all life. But does he really understand that HE nor his kind, is not? No. Because men (collectively not individually and don’t ask to clarify or correct this again) are one-side-track minded. They can learn and absorb as much information as possible and then turn around and call themselves geniuses. However, they only recreate what it means to themselves in their limited understanding, because, MEN-tally, spiritually and biologically, they can go no further.

The black man/male today is just like some of his ancient ancestors, an imbecile. Sorry to all who are personally offended. Deal with it and follow me and my elaborations explaining my conclusion, or move on to another blog. The male creation is a cosmic mess up, a moron and a freak of nature, because he was created. Genetically engineered by ancient alien scientist to control the original God particle and source species of the self reproducing wombman.

The Parthenogenesis womb is our true ancient ancestor. And “he/male”, will one day be destroyed by his own creation of sub-hue-man women and men of different caricatures of people, identified by race and culture. People whose men and women are clearly intellectually smarter and more diabolical than himself today. This is so because they are desperate for their survival. Since, they instinctively have no natural origins, their survival instincts are subconsciously and consciously at a higher peak than that of a natural mentally lackadaisical species connected to the source of its natural origins and emotions. This is a fact and nothing will change it.

At the control of worldwide male hierarchy dominated society’s that his ancient anvestors lead the way for, the black man has continuously either joined forced with and or choose to be at the mercy of his own genetically engineered creation of animal Dna mixed humans with less melanin development.

These so called races, just like us all, are solely dependent on the dying out proven defect that is the Y chromosome. A chromosome with the missing pieces that cannot sustain itself or its own life naturally. You can delve into your own research into this. Besides, it will make you feel better to seek this information on your own time and for your own needs. Some are not ready. Everyone’s stages of knowledge is at their own time.

Meanwhile, men in general don’t even get it because their ego refuses to accept it. This imbedded selfishness and resentment that harbor their very being, spirit and or soul, rather us all go down with them, then for them to risk their lives for the positive evolution of the species and permanent destruction of evil/live. Yet they want us to believe in one man that was called Yashua, Yashuaha, Yeshua, Jesus Christ etc.. When many of this particular type of man have existed. And this biblical story alone is a symbology of what all men should do at the face of evil men and women. Which they do not. In fact we do quite the opposite, aside cowering into physical materialistic and idol worship.

Bottom line is, the man, even after over maybe 6,000 of the accurate ancient eygytian 13 month calendar, of rule, will not be able to change the imbalance of the entire species. He just, in all innocence and righteousness, desires to be the one to. Her story turned into History has proven to humanity that he alone, cannot help the wombman be restored back to her natural order and healthy state and physical balance, without spiritual understanding, humility and acceptance. This has to embody his psyche, and naturally comfort his spirit to know the truth in happiness, so as to ward off his tendencies of violence through anger, jealousy and or envy.

Violence against any of perceived lesser strength and stature is unnatural and yet this is mans legal ancient and modern day law, and fight against nature. Go figure. Women are used, abused and spiritually and MEN-tally tortured to a point of no return and they live/evil. She/female that exist today is also a dependent on this Y chromosome because she is a physical slave creation for mans desires of superficial temporary gratification. Yet SHE and only she, holds the key inside her, brain, kundalini spirit, pineal gland/cells, whatever we want to call it… Its her double X chromosomes that cannot be completely destroyed nor can they be fully replicated.

The mitochondria ancient origins in Dna do not die because of genocidal murderous violence obsessed ruling men. Ask the ancient alien men that are no longer here or have gone elsewhere. Her mitochondrial Dna is the source of all hue-man-kind and her own wombman-kinds life. The plants and animals that have not been genetically modified instinctively know this. Just because an animal is ancient or othan other species, does not mean it had not been a modified creation. Also, biologically studied and proven, some of the most richest, darkest melanin in the skin of africans, on the planet, are not even original ppl. Skin hue, of noncaucasian melaninated people, do not determine originality of the human species origins. Pyramids ancient tombs have depicted that different shades of brown hue. Hair can be a partial determinant which is why one can drug tested accurately from a strand.

The original people are the parthenogenesis wombmen with similar but unique Dna codes, and skin tones of high light yellowish rich browns to golden brown to chocolate brown coupled with negroid Fibonacci coded patterned hair textures. Can any race be of this? Yes. And in our backwards spiritually dumbed down group thinking, collectively, we cannot accept this because the wombman today becomes a physically weaker creature. A being from the ages of 7-7yo, that lives a life cycle of distress when she is forced into a stressful unatural state known as puberty and began to unnaturally MENS-truate.

When the body has healed itself and she goes through MEN-o-pause, she is shunned into shame in maturing and or older ages. The body may or may not have unnaturally aged because of malnutrition. Obesity is also apart of malnutrition. The little girls body has been halted in a forced state of weakness to the same degree of that of ‘Fasting’. Her growth is stunted almost purposely. Thus the little male childs body overrides the X repair-ation process and continues to grow in stature and maintain their muscle strength of that of the original wombmankind. See the Amzon women.

He/man/male/father/god, is not superior in any way shape or form to a female. We have decided that against nature, with our flaws and superficialities, that HE is our Creator. Virtually he is, technically he is not. The de-codes are there in all languages.

Knowledge of self is inescapable unless one is biological incapable.

A female animal may menstruate temporarily in times of great fear and distress. Why is this biological and physical torture supposed to be natural for the human woman? Because it is not. Many women have come and gone and documented to have birthed children w/o the spermatozoa of a man. Study the stem cells and spine of the woman. There are also many women that exist in shame, whom do not suffer a monthly MEN-struggle cycle or period and doctors have steered them further and further from the truth of their own bodies. Either from ignorance or pharmaceutical design. Probably causing more damage than existed. But thats a whole other 📖 of a story…

Heavily documented throughout the ages by themselves and others, Africans are and have been the most experimented on of all huemankind. To most popular belief, the African diaspora do have just as many negative blood types and neanderthal/animal species Dna within them then maybe the palest, straightest fur-like hair of a so called ‘Caucasian’’. Hence the ape looking features of some Africans and Asians and ancient Caucasians (cultural mixtures of Mexicans/Dominicans etc.). And visually unmatched features of eyes, noses and lips. And so quite frankly, WE are all hue-man-kind and no longer, our original origin of ancient wombmankind. So all who think they are better or look better need to shut the hell up! Love controls and transcends the physical. Which is why bullies running society to have more than need us to fear and hate each other for physical deformalities that are out of our control.

They say… Whats in the dark will come to light💡 The original forms on this kharmic cycle plane will be restored after the inorganic creations are destroyed. And that means all of US/U.S.. Recognize and try to understand we all have dna programmed differences but NO one ☝🏾 is special!

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