Supreme Court throws the baby 👶🏾 🍼 out with the bath water💧

Ok now I have a lot of content backed up that I’ve been meaning to get up here… However, news of this Supreme Court sentencing just made me cringe. I really wanted to add supported documentation of the extremity of this great bias, between other cases that have relied on a decision at this level, but its really not necessary. I’m in my feelings on this one and not at all worried about being grammatically correct.

Are we enabling the lethal legal use and abuse of our most innocent and vulnerable victims in humanity? Yes.

Now, given the fact that the majority of the population are literally proving to be systematically dumbed human zombies, group thinking followers and or like a gadamned video game, a majority are still aware of the illegitimacy and lawless mess of the incorporated filth we currently have in positions of, not ‘power’, but ‘force’. The militarized judicial branch legal unlawful involuntary kidnapping of the whole of humanity better known as the systematic [for-profit] prison industrial complex. I like to call it the injustice system that tortures the heart and soul of humanity.

If you consider yourself a person who believes in the betterment of the whole of humanity, or that theres a valid and or greater good reason to our creation and existence, then you will not only feel your stomach turn at the thought of this story.

“On December 6, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that Cyntoia Brown, a woman convicted of first degree murder as a teen, would have to serve 51 years in prison before being eligible for parole. The decision disregards many factors including that Cyntoia Brown was solicited for sex by a 43-year-old man when she was only 16, the fact that both Tennessee and U.S. law has changed significantly when it comes to prosecuting minors since Brown’s first trial in 2006, and the outrage expressed by hundreds of thousands in a number of petitions protesting the egregious sentencing of an at-risk-child at the mercy of a series of a predatory men.”

If you didn’t know, you can read this article that goes into more depth and detail than I will present here, before going any further: How the Justice System Failed Cyntoia Brown-

Its seriously cringe worthy of how one could be born into this world just to suffer unconscionably. This woman’s long life of pain and suffering from a child to the present, is more than disturbing. And I like to think that I have suffered and my soul is being tortured in many ways but I am on a cosmic vacation compared to others, and evidently Cyntoia. Do you consider yourself a person that had faith in a ‘higher power’ of pure goodness and is responsible for our intelligent (smart dummy) design? If so, then how could we ignore this?

This woman (who grew up in prison) never had a chance. There is absolutely no way to rationalize a crime against a child. Especially of this magnitude and nature. A crime against a child is in my small opinion, a crime against nature, especially the whole of humanity for what we are worth. And there were many committed here in this particular case…

I don’t care how many times I have to say “the whole of humanity” or how annoying it sounds due to your own self centeredness, we are all Cyntoia Brown. Bumble Bees 🐝, Spiders 🕷, and Ants 🐜 are not only some of my favorite species, but they are all insects. 📖 up on them and then ask yourselves, how did insects of any kind, collectively become spiritually higher on the universal intelligent spectrum and or totem poll of natural instincts, than the complexity of our human brains 🧠 ? Can somebody explain this to me please? Because it has already been not only consciously established but case study and proven that an infant can die without genuine love and affection (touch/see my other post of referenced videoed case studies). So I don’t understand how we could have more than enough of every material item and freedom, but yet be so diabolical and vicious among one another. They live (evil)!

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but when we made it law to be judge and jury for each others fate and or lives, if one commits a violent act, or breaks any type of declaration of law, then we become automatically responsible for justifying any violent act, whether committed by a child🧒🏾👶🏾. Did you understand that brain twister? Too bad. Let’s see, from our clearly devolved and limited knowledge, a child is an individual under the age of 18yo; legally alleged. With that say, I don’t even know how they got away with that verdict in the Supreme Snort oops Court, if an individuals brain isn’t fully developed until the ages after 25 or so.

“The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part.”-

Now so how do the courts pull this off and rationalize locking up sentencing formally abused children-turned adults into their dungeon for the remainder of their precious lives. This is beyond despicable, in the inspirational words of Daffy Duck. Our former life experiences that mold and shape or psyche matter, or else a person would be allowed to president at the legal age of 18yo.

The bottom line and point needed to be exposed here, is that this here verdict alone, makes the Supreme Court injustices themselves, all look like sadistic predators. This is not only a pattern of flawed legal judgement and devaluation of human life, but its reprehensible that a decision like this was ever even contemplated by so called intelligent men and women. Is it really “In God We Trust” or “Trust In We your God”? No, I’m saying what the absolute freak kind of drugs are they on over there in those court houses of high society tax paid actors? Or is this what we can call legal swift decisions of justice by soulless, genetically engineered human microorganism of unethically cruel proportions? I just made that up 😒 but this case ain’t even heartbreaking, it’s appalling. Its a shameless predication of the actual reality of the devolution of our species.

All the money, wealth, resources, material and power in the world does not make anyone smarter or better than the one without. In my opinion, one can only be just above the defective braincells of a substance abuse addict and or a beggar or bum who chooses to live in filth and squalor on the street, when they do not have to. That is just above the average intelligence of the mentally ill.

Frankly, they (the Supreme court), blatantly told us what it was, by this volatile fictitious court action and then media exposure of it. They are saying that this former young girl is going to stay the example of a possible fate, for any child trafficking victims and or children turned teens, that have or are currently suffering at the hands of parents or guardians. Cyntoia, having served over 15 years already, is clearly being exploited for the human trafficking cartel and gestapo. She has been made thee poster child for how these people (Or can I even call them that?) that write the law and make their own rules as they go along.

Seems like they are doing just like their biblical text in the Babble said. Oops, the Bible.

Didn’t it say that Masters are to severely punish their slaves if they disobey? “The Top Seven Fateful Passages in the New Testament (4) “Slaves, Obey your Masters in Everything”-

Furthermore it says, ‘Whoever curses his father or mother shall be put to death’ (Exodus 21:17). Yet I don’t recall it giving credence to certain circumstances such as sick, evil, demented individuals that can become parents just like anyone else. They literally wrote thee Holy’s of all holy books on their actions, why and give us front row seats to the public hangings. Ain’t that a… If they didn’t want this making national headlines, it wouldn’t have.

Use whats left of your brains after all the legal biological poisoning, un-educational system graduations and media brainwashing and indoctrination oath into your soul devaluing slave labor jobs or the fancier “career”. Predictable and transparent much aren’t they?

Under the direct genuine care, focus, supervision and responsibility of parents, guardians and or mature, sane elders alike, there would be no child, not only uninterested in engaging in these behaviors, they wouldn’t be allowed to at the vulnerable age of 16. The country’s white collar criminal judicial system can claim in deception and fine confusing legal print that they have control over every human being, including your child all they want to, but they don’t. They do have a responsibility and permanent obligation to the world and vulnerable innocent, that are our youth, to protect the body and well being of. Since they have created this malfunctioning robotic, cold and callous, “not-my-problem”, unfeeling, uncaring, ruthless, dog eat dog society. A civil society that clearly does more harm than good to the collective of our screwed up species compared to any so called ‘primitive’ tribes.

They should write a tell all book in layman’s terms of how to force a population into a specific dependent life, fake liberty and hinder the pursuit of happiness because of systematic created caste based levels of poverty. How its perfectly fine to promote and foster material envy, greed and selfishness into your populace until reaches a boiling point. Then use whatever resources that will temporarily put a bandaid on the problem and also keep the vicious cycle going.

There is so much more to be said here. But I will stop right here and let You figure it out.

My words may not be strong enough to describe the level of frustration and helplessness we should all feel but apparently not.  I have read other’s thoughts that may be expressed simpler but in this case, the more intellectuals that acknowledge this grave injustice, the more positive protective spiritual energy is produced in the cosmos. A bond is formed among us that cannot be broken. No reliEgion pun intended. Cyntoia Brown, although you may never read this, I am with you in spirit. Love and may peace be with you until your purpose is served. Please believe there is something greater and better, but its not this, and its not here. You will prevail. Stay strong 💪🏽 🛡❤️

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