So this is where All the Fun is huh..

Exclusive. For who? Of only our beloved pure elite bloodline descendants mostly hidden from public sight that’s who. Some would know them informally as the Trillion-Billionaire hierarchy wealthy class, predominantly Cauc-Asian/Arab, highly pale Peach-Pink hued, light-Blonde/dirty-Blonde/Brown/Red/Black (maybe in that order idk 🤷🏽‍♀️) fine, fair haired, Blue-Green-Hazel iris, generational wealth heirs. With their unlimited paper wealth military protected monetary supply of their colonies resources. Because only one who is apart of the group that owns the entire monetary caste system of debt and legalized white collar crimes of capitaLipstick on a Pig, can afford travel expenses like this. Jealous much? Nah.

I’m still here for my imagination to be sold this YouTube production of the promotion of my illusions of inclusion. I don’t buy that this level of wealth is 100% legit and deserving by righteous good doing leaders of the debt imprisoned world… But I’m here for the “faith” woo hoo. At least I get to see it before I take my last breath. Thanks to The Luxury Travel Expert channel, hm, I get to see what I’m NOT missing out on. Whoever said you wealth were stingy?

I know y’all really do stand by your claims that anybody and everybody is welcome in your clubs and able to catch up or enjoy these types of high society luxuries, if they work the hardest or are the smartest. Positively absolutely LOVE IT 😍 ooo hooooo I’m here for it babeee!!!!!!!

Illiminothing me away and I’ll owe ya like my student loan debt. I’m here for it ALL! Beam me up Scotti.

George Carlin said it best didn’t he? “Cause they OWN this f’in place. It’s a Big Club… and YOU ain’t in it!” He didn’t say whether he was in it or not. But RIP for keeping it real and blunt.

Now back to practicing my Astro projecting technique 😉

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