Sky’s the Limit…

Now what is the point of this when most, oops, maybe just me, cannot afford the expensive, let alone risk?
Suppose I wasn’t as poor and able to travel at will with a great earned income… Are the costly prices of air flight even worth it, given the circumstances?
Um guys, did we forget about the great danger or deadly possibility of falling out of the sky? We humans don’t have have wings like birds. So aren’t we taking serious chances using technology, to travel the planet through the sky? No? Well, yeah I have to agree, its a great idea…
Okay, don’t get me wrong. I do love the possible experience of viewing the skies and the clouds above, so up close and personal. Although I still can’t get pass the fact that it is a life threatening risk to take because our safety is not guaranteed. Something can go wrong…
Moreover, I may have to work for over a month of an economically based, low income (sarc), just to pay for the experience. Which doesn’t include all the other expenses during and while traveling. And they don’t make it cost efficient or all too appealing to me either. Since, falling from anywhere in the skies, is absolutely not an ideal way to go.
Futhermore, the reviews in the video, also reference little to no comfortability in economy seating, which is supposedly, more
affordabl-(NOT). Why do there even exist problems associated with comfort while taking a huge risk with my life? Suffocating intrusive uncomfortable seating, little leg room, a lack of hospitality… And why would in country flights even have to cost so much? Its simply from one state to the next. Seems a bit insulting but I’m not hating lol.
Anyway once upon a time, I had a little extra funds in the piggy bank, and I did a little traveling myself.. Well, um uh, maybe not abroad, due to immaturity and or fear, and lack
of family and friends for support… But I still traveled to other states. Well maybe just one other state… And maybe not on a plane. Okay okay, okay okay it was one time as a child. Lol. My point is I had travel money at one in my life and I still wasn’t convinced to travel by air.
Oh yeah, I may have been kinda young with severe anxiety from so much experienced trauma, probably also slightly paranoid, a lil dumb and possibly ignorant with no solid direction. Uhhh, which may be contributed to me burning through my bank account like I was at a casino. Which, by the way, actually still has half my life insurance inheritance smh. Oops I went left… anyway… Where was I?
Oh yeah… By the looks of this review of the airlines and passengers air flight experience, I confirmed why I chose other than purchasing a plane ticket to travel from one state to another. I can get a taxi for cheaper than a flight to another state and I have. I was also more comfortable and relaxed, with scenery.
Flying to me period, just seems like a high price tag, with the same experience of being on a nonstop cramped bus ride across the country, with a view of the manmade clouds in the air.
I wouldn’t even be able go out happy because the seats are so crammed together from stranger to the next. People of all different lengths and widths. Also my stomach would be empty because the random economy flight plane ticket does not even come with at least one meal for a 2hr or more trip.
I don’t know about you, as most of yall will call this hating lol, but this air flight advanced technology thingy sounds a bit shy of pedestrian torture. Now go run tell that because I cannot afford it anyway.
Seriously speaking, the virtual experience of it all may be nice, but its simply an impossibility for all. So I thank the goodness for the imagination. I’m getting more n more into consciousness projection guys. Lol. Its an effective way to get through the feeling of wanting things out of my reach or phobia. Okay I digress as I’m a bit irritated now…

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