Fear & Faith Garage Sale…

The US is preparing for war in Africa



Okay, so what is this woman trying to sell? I call bull crap!.  And who exactly is this lady talking to? Assuming that its the Black/African American classified diaspora… Why does this lady think that the concerns of the different countries in the entire vast continent of Africa, is the Black American negroid/native descendants problem??? I’m sorry, excuse me… But I didn’t get the memo that the many completely different cultural African countries, were even taking on the problems of their neighborhoods… I certainly wasn’t aware of that. Like a Nigerian concerning themselves with Ghanaian government decisions, unless it directly includes or effects them. Pardon my ignorance, if any, but, don’t we (Black/African Americans/Negro Natives, people, or whatever name floats your boat…) have enough of our own here in the states? I’m not kidding…

Well is she (whom is evidently an African woman) also calling together ALL People who happen to have brown – non-White skin tone hues? Like for instance, some of the colonized Spanish speaking diaspora of people also? Or also some of the darker skin hued Indians? Oh and some of the non-White darker hued Asians included as well? Is this a call for all against the Caucasian/White classified diaspora? Or is this a barbecue announcement?

No seriously, as I scroll her comment section… Many of the comments are a consistent majority of NOTHING, but a bunch of poorly educated, Religulous big fo heads (no offense because I have one too haha). A lot of these Cretins, literally and subconsciously are not only willing but sometimes seem like they are begging for their invisible male “God/Allah/Yashuaha etc.) to come save us all from the big bad Caucasian race who colonized the planet. Come on now people. Get real. Let get our facts in order before we start selling fear and loathing (yes I know the movie). How can we not mature into right brain thinking rationale (Critical Think)? Now I know its a sensitive subject but when you’re spreading fear porn all bets are off! Lets go Cretins…

Now wasn’t religion, PROVEN written into existence by self entitled ancient warlord patriarch society ruling men? I know it may take years, sometimes even a lifetime, but if I could figure it out, so can you!

Why do so many refuse to self educate even with a plethora of information online in a worldwide database? Maybe that’s giving most too much credit. Maybe the spell is so good (which it is) that even though the contradictory scriptures are proven to be a jumbled up bunch of plagiarized from ancient Sumerian & Babylonia text and made up books and missing ancient text of plagiarized pharaonic timelines based on their patriarch and the worlds ancient history and all of its dishevel. Look deeper…

This woman information as reported, is all and well good, for the sake of informing of some type of attack she claims is going on and or going to happen… But what is the point of informing, if most people, in general, are just as disunited, spiritually disoriented, poorly educated, socially and politically unorganized, economically and financially controlled, spiritually and humanely devalued and virtual unequipped with absolutely any counter solutions to help fix the reality that she is afraid to face?

To me, these self proclaimed righteous, awakened ones are extremely confused. I mean seriously, just check the video and read some of the hundreds of comments, aren’t they? Are they willing to risk their own lives in any way, or to hope, pray and beg your way through life, anticipating a brutal battle of Armageddon and then a perfect ending with their many different sets of poor righteous religulous teachers ruling the planet?

History not only repeats itself with humanity in these mental states of delusion, but it speaks for itself…I wish some of us would strive to learn more of it or read before they panic. It really is fundamental.

Now didn’t Africans rule the world for such a looong time, that it dates the unknown fictional ‘carbon dating’ ancient history scientific theory’s came along? Can we all agree to disagree that clearly, these Africans, or beloved human brethren, didn’t do such a great job at it? If they did, the world today, would reflect this fact.

Given the circumstances of most “people of colour/non-Caucasian” in and of, the world populations collective… Why would anybody in their right brain mind believe that people, easily bribed and their cultures, proven to be more corrupt then their chosen leaders, thus, in loyalty and support of fantasies created by a self proclaimed and entitled backward ass superiority driven male ego dominated and following blindly group of “getting drunk on the weekend and church on Sunday”, majority of hypocrites, (no matter the race), is going to do any better with ruling humanity? FIX YOUR LIFE FIRST (in my Iyanla Vanzant’s aka Rhonda’s voice)! Our own neighborhoods and stolen country is in chaos and this woman want me to worry about what willing and able minded Africans should be doing in their continent.

Okay well if you aren’t concerned about your own right in front of you, then your uneducated ass isn’t going to be too happy when you find out that there is absolutely no point to this Africa pity party. Dig deeper… Like it or not the fix is already in. Take a stroll over to your United Nations countries… And you’ll easily discovered these nations include even our most beloved, 1st world developed African nations. In fact its just about all of them that have any say in anything. They are all in on it. And who are we lowly, little, confused, dependent sheep, to object?

Actions speak louder than words don’t they? And Africans, in a majority, support themselves being partially dominated by the Caucasian (includes Asian/Arab/Indian) races.

So in closing, because I’m done with this matter… A word of irrelevant advice from me would be to, try to grow up, quit the brown people pity party’s and be mindful of these YouTube video shill-ers and revenue generating, begging billy troll-ers, who is looking to emotionally destabilize and desensitize you with their missing information, getting you all riled up for nothing. Come to a sense please…if there’s any left, and lets work on and concentrate on formulating some real solutions, in and at home first. I myself got all GOOD souls back. But its most important to my self interest to prepare my own self and specific cultures of bloodline lineages, in my own immediate country of America. Thanks but no thanks!

Africa is split into over 57 different nations, how it the world would we know how each culture personally feels about this matter? Which may not be the same from one region and or nation to the next? Again, actions speak louder than words!

And for the record, last time I checked, a total of 54 African nations belong to the UN, lock, stock and barrel.

Not that’s it at all important to the 99.999% of you, but I’ve learned the hard way, that when I make myself virtually aware of ALL the possible aspects and variables of an issue, and study every angle thereof, put aside my passing emotions, I can decipher the whole truth and nothing but… So help me Omnipresent!

On another note, there are some very interesting, heated, and maybe entertaining commentary coming from all types of spectrum’s in this video…so I guess it serves a purpose…that lacks a point. …care to correct me if I’m wrong? Didn’t ya grandmama ever tell you when running that numba hole around the corner in big Albert’s basement that, scared money don’t make none? If you scared, just say you scared. Lol.

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