Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA) Season 11 Episode 4 – ‘Pass the Peach, Throw the Shade’

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Why oh why am I always promising myself to stop my ratchet TV viewing habits? I don’t know but its starting to feel like breaking a fast before the end goal.

Since I love and feel like reading comments is like a free ghetto or trailer park therapy session, I thought I’d share some of my favs from this episode of Season 11.

And what an interesting success this show is no doubt huh? Lasting this long with no end in sight. The ladies looking very well kept. Most people I know of also tune in, even if they’re not up-to-date with the seasons.

Its just a waste for me to comment the same thing I already read and one comment is never enough because there are multiple stories lines and different scenes. Just like as the episodes progress along, our minds tend to change with every scenario that is revealed along the way. Especially after the very deceptive 🤨editing. Not bad Bravo.

So if you didn’t see this episode and plan to, come back afterwards. Or don’t blame me because I’m warning you. You’ll also see my lil -2 cents sticky 📝

SPOILER(S) ALERT 🚨!!!!! In no particular order.



Furthermore, these old-er men need to stop 🛑 lusting and preying on these younger women in their midlife crisis ages and in all their shallowness, expecting better results. It’s always been more than off. Why? Because from experience, I know how gullible she was when she met him at that younger stage in her life. How she cannot see his through to his relationship dysfunctions because is deprived of the love she didn’t get along the way in her development and she appreciates and genuinely think that its true love instead of attachment.

Now I’m no psychiatrist, more like psycho 😝. No but seriously I’m just speaking from experience. Devoe’s adult immaturity has a lot to do with his parents and the male worshiping and condoning of bad behaviors ‘society’ that we live in (i.e. his passing Father and his Mother dearest, whom is the parent in the scene).

Shamira feelings about him are sure to change overtime, as she learns to love herself and matures more into the person she feels more comfortable and safe being. They both are filling a void, and they are serving a purpose for each other. One being the beautiful twins they created. But this storyline always ends the same way. No matter how long it lasts.

Proving men 🕵🏽‍♂️ may just be a little insane and delusional to think younger women (not a little bit but significantly younger) are naturally maturer 👱🏾‍♀️than they are 👴🏾. Or at least at every stage. And I’m being nice. Brutal honesty. Knowledge is power but Truth is powerful!

Lets move on. The funs not over yet…



Yeah we do. Be honest!


Evaaa own up or 🤐. Mean? 🤭

Every time I read that👆🏾 STILL STAGGERING IN AGONY ROFL 🤣 . Awww Marlo your boogie funny self grew on me but come on this was hilarious.

And this 👇🏾

Just be your true self Kandi w/o the influence of your surroundings. That may include your mama, and your assistant’s 🤭. I personally think you’re beautiful inside and out. Reality show or not.



Took my 💭 right out of my head. Judging only by her clothing I got a little worried about her at first but she seems like a naturally bubbly girl. Maybe she started life with Devoe sooner than she was ready and fast forward through the trials and tribulations to the twins, she’s feeling like flaunting it. Like I said, read my Truth above. On a brighter side, who wouldn’t want to look like that after having twins? Great body Shamira!



😳 ups! My side has given out on me 🤣 Epic!!!



Please somebody FAAAX that and this 👇🏾document to me again‼️

Yeah it said what it said! And to clarify further for the slow group thinkers, this does not say or mean ALL black mamas. Just the mamas that played in their scenes on the show, which were akin to the so-called 🤨 “good” Mothers who do too much prying into their sons ADULT lives. And to the so-called 🤨 “good” Mothers condoning of their ADULT sons repetitive bad boy, immature, irresponsible, lackadaisical attitudes in and with their MANY dysfunctional relationship endeavors, just because he may be financially successful!


Due their own dysfunctions, why do the child gotta suffer and all the way into their own adulthood? Tacky 🤦🏽‍♀️

This is real 👇🏾 and more in depth…

Those comments are one together 👆🏾

And I could care less if they talk or walk, they don’t know my life experiences. “They don’t know” just like Jon B sang his heart out.



On another 📝,



🙃 👇🏾

🎬 and thats a WRAP!


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