Poor Yandy🤕…Operandi ABORT🗣 ABORT🗣

Now brace yourself or come back another day, because this is going to be a pretty lengthy personal write of mine de ti the fact that it hits home. I didn’t plan on posting anything regarding this at this particular time, however it brings light to a growing problem if not epidemic 😷. No one wants to fully engage in this due to the backlash it can bring. Well bring it on because I will, while we currently are allowed to still think (sarc).

If you like in solitude, or stay off social media (which is probably best) or are just unaware of this fastly spreading new story, you can read more about here > Angry protesters confront correction officers at Brooklyn detention center with limited heat > https://abc7ny.com/angry-protesters-confront-correction-officers-at-brooklyn-detention-center/5117105/

Isn’t it ironic, that 50 years after the civil rights era and unwanted segregation, how it always takes a Black woman, to stand up and risk it all for Black people? Never do you see the Black men, naturally taking the lead and protecting the Black woman and people like they normally did at one time. You mean to tell me, that we barely survived but got pass slavery, the unlawful halting of the reconstruction era, our thriving Black Wall Street businesses of schools, hospitals, manufacturing, banks, etc., being bombed and burned down, migrating independently built towns being rioted and burned down, and finally got pass the illegal and unlawful FBI cointel pro operatives of drug implantations and fake civil rights leader infiltration, to become backwards children starting all over in triggered bouts of ptsd insanity? I guess so..

However, what good or use are they (men) to a patriarchal society catering to their very being, and sole existence then? We don’t live in a matriarchal society. Those ancient days were overthrown inside out and covered up to make it look like it didn’t work. But thats another story… We don’t even live in a moral based and fair, spiritually balances society either, so what sense is it for you to have all these little boys, only to allowed them to turn themselves into simps who disappear when the going gets tuff or expect mommy to rescue them? Don’t way too many abandon or have chose to abandon their children, some now adults, and whore around with different women like its a male pass time? Are you guys tired of this dysfunctional cycle or what? Its really making me 😤 😡 that our children have to suffer the consequences or our weaknesses whether we like it or not. 

Apparently for the under appreciated, undervalued, the majority of hyper sexualized, and many others of physically and or sexually abused silent victimized Black women, there aren’t enough tools invented for you to start rejecting undeserving Black men and protecting your womb and self respect. Yes I know the “real thing” is better, but if you begin valuing yourself inside and out, keeping your legs closed in professional effort, as seriously as you take your job, at least you’ll keep your dignity and save the life of your future offspring. All these hard, tough, sagging pants and publicly unchecked, disrespectful males proclaiming that they are the most and only desired men, with superior penises, stature and extra strength on the planet, are evidently delusional. And here is more proof that they are the biggest, superficial, entitled cowards, in this wicked modern day madness.

Aside that, I commend Yandy and the protesting people from all walks of life, for taking a stand and helping thy brethren and thy neighborhoods. This also proves that we obviously still have some pineal gland activated brains, brave and most honorable, critical thinking humans left on the planet. But, if the truth is to be told, I personally feel that if the majority of Black women just stopped playing captain save a rapper and or f*ck-boy, grown adult, behaving badly men and show them tough love, the Black Americans constitutional native nation, would fair off better in future generations. If younger and older men knew that they would generally have nothing to come to their rescue, had they happen to get themselves into a situation like this (prison), they would be extra careful about getting themselves into these situations to begin with. How humiliating as it is to be thrown into these inhumane elite-euronut constructed, for profit, dungeons in the first place, just to lose all natural born freedoms and rights is enough as it is. 

Most men (yes this is solely direct towards Black American women for her Black American men) consciously and subconsciously know what they are risking for themselves when they go to commit, either petty or worse crimes. Why do we assume that they do not know exactly what they are doing when they get involved with alining themselves with negative individuals who consciously choose to sell poison and addiction to people, be violent and or take unnecessary risk with their lives? They are just making selfish, selfless temporary gratifying decisions that are not opportunity cost for the future well being of their lives. Rarely do these men (some if not most so don’t say “not me”) think about the bigger picture and how it will effect others all around them because I think that we have created an atmosphere of self loathing and acceptance of their learned dysfunctional behavioral patterns of inherent selfishness by making it A-Ok 👌🏾 normal and all too comfortable for them. 

Mothers, aunties, cousins, like to look at their innocent appearances as children, and then call them future “heart breakers” as if its a badge of honor. Joking about their innocence, about their superficial features, like some (and forgive me for calling this out but it always disturbed me as a child and adult) covert female predators. If I can get a coin for how many times I have heard a woman (and of course men agree with no contest) say that their sons, or children male relatives, are “pretty boys”, who will get all the women when they grow up. No when will we grow? I always thought it was abnormal and unhealthy, just borderline creepy, to fancy a child’s looks. You say more stuff like “boys will be boys”, which is the ultimate hall pass and an unreasonable excuse for them to act a fool and not care about how it affects their future and others around them. 

I shouldn’t have to say this, but of course we all know, that in most instances Black women may not mean any harm by calling young boys, “her king”, “man of the house”, “papi”, “little man”, etc., and thus naturally nurturing and protecting him the best way she know how, especially w/o a positive male figure role model to help her. But there comes a time when we all just have to accept the truth about whats working and not working in our failings in motherhood. In our traditional raising of future adults in this society. And this analysis is not for the mentally challenged and or mentally insane (“doing the same things over n over again and expecting different results”-Albert Einstein) to get. But we have to stop denying that once the mind is programmed into adulthood, its hard for that adult to change their thought processes, unless they want to on their own. It is proven that even by force, it doesn’t always work, and they may stray again to the same old ways. Due to not learning the lessons that was necessary regarding any negative or positive experience, and or doing the work themselves (as Mrs., Iyanla Vanzant says). Let’s all as a collective just acknowledge that Black men predominantly tend to put on different fronts around their friends, but when in need of support, will run back to their coddling female family members that they know will not give them any reason NOT to change. 

In this particular case in the short clip, we see something that has repetitively occurred among the Black American nation for one too many generations and have gone unchecked by the majority. Regardless of your personal griefs with her, or whatever you think of her intentions, she clearly is passionate about this issue. Actions speak louder than words regardless the intention. She just doesn’t realize that this is hindering these grown adults, who grew up to make their own decisions, however unfortunate. Yandy is still our sister, and a respectable, honorable one at that and probably braver than most. There is hope for her. But maybe not hope for a greater percentage of people in that prison. Humanity did not always have police to police them and harrass their life and or hold them accountable for crimes against another. We evidently used our own common sense critical thought that told us that being policed was not necessary, as long as everyone is carefully taught how to walk to school safely on our own someday. 

I mean lets face it, some situations, have to be left to fix themselves. Even if it means a lot of Black men may have to be completely abandoned the same way they had no problem abandoning these children in mass with excuse upon. The same way they isolate and or appropriate themselves among other races of women as a way to run from the problems of their people. The same way foreigners have happily abandoned whole countries in some sort of sick twisted reason for freedom when its only based on greed and refusing to be the change they want to see with their own people in their own lands of grandmothers lineage. There is no other way. 

Anyway, pepper spraying anyone is very dangerous and no joke. Its a serious unwanted, unnatural trauma to the pupils, which occurs with this, and is why it should not exist at all, especially for any law enforcement. I myself was pepper sprayed once before. However, it was for absolutely no aggressive intent or violent act on my part, just a pepper spraying crazy person. And believe me it was a horrible experience that took a little while to get over 🤦🏽‍♀️. Something I would ever want to happen again. Sending positive energy ⚡️ and wishes Yandy a speedy recovery🙏🏾🤗❤️ … 

Now w/o further ado and all due disrespect to my wonderful, beautiful, and brave sista Yands…but but…them mentally unstable, unlawful enforcement, prison guards said “You gone learn today..celebrity or no celebrity 👮🏽‍♂️😳..” 😂 🤢😑 … sorry Yands, just kidding 🤦🏽‍♀️. Humor cures. But either we’re going to learn to change the process or choose to keep going in circles on the hamster wheel. Yes, the emotions (mine included 🥺) suddenly overtakes you see that someone is being wronged and they are helpless. But this has to be short lived and followed up with learning how to rationally cope and completely access the situation before acting on it. By patiently letting it all sink in and then acknowledging the BIGGER picture and not just the tiny cardboard boxes 📦 we may currently live in. 😉

Peace and love diaspora with more to come from this site ✌🏾!

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