Channel: Unwinewithtashak

Hey! Okay let’s have some fun with this Category y’all. Since I admit, I’m a Tuber until I have a better option, as you can tell. This channel right here is my first runner up. Since y’all just love these Celebrities lives from cradle to grave, here we go…

A little about why I like Mrs. Tasha K’s channel is because she is pretty smooth in her delivery, very upfront and personal and very very direct…damn near vicious in her honesty. Ha ha.. But that simply comes with the celebrity gossip territory and other commentary associated with her type of platform, doesn’t it? I must say I don’t general like or agree with all of her commentary, her segments or other things are really irrelevant. However, I find her overall raw personality, unique style and character, somewhat likable. Check her out for yourself at your will. If profanity doesn’t bother you, you have nothing to worry about. We can all learn something from everybody.

To all those who are reading this, please feel free to email me some of your best suggestions of YouTube pages that may be of your interest and or possibly drop a quick comment down below on the Channel you enjoy also and why. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for this YouTube channel. I am an independent blogger with no monetary gain or affiliation with this YouTube channel. Nor do I personally know this channel’s owner. This is strictly for entertainment purposes and fun only!

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