Lucid Dream or is lucy dreaming???

Timeline Theft

Ok so this is what I know from personal experience to be a fact to me, if not to anyone else…

Astral projection only describes the act of feeling that one has left their own body and is in another experience while the body is in a sleep state. Lucid dreaming is being aware of yourself in a dream state. Now I don’t about you but, it sounds like the same thing, almost…

Although, in my small knowledge, I used to play this game with a long distance partner that I used to emotionally date. I used to tell em’ to get ready for me to project myself to wherever they are. I said that I may could not be physically present, they would feel me present as if my body was actually there.

Low and behold lol, they felt the same way I did. I felt myself feeling their body and visualizing me with them as if it was real. It felt so real. Anyway… without too much explicit detail, I do believe this woman is wise and not a wise crack-up.

This was a very interesting, eye opening story that talked about more than lucid dreams… I was very intrigued by her revelation of her experience. I want to know more…

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