Latino Actress Complains Black Actresses Paid More in Hollywood😒

Excuse me? What kind of sorcery is this? (love saying that hehe) I was not even going to post until after the giving thanks holiday, because I have a lot lined up. But this, almost made me choke on my juicy tee bone steak. Are you serious Ma’am? Or are you just bored and need a way to play victim?

As far as I’m concerned, this is all the way freakin WRONG for this pettiness!

Last time I checked, Latinos are classified as “White” in America and overseas inside their countries of grandmothers lineage boarders. I understand that you made it here and don’t plan on going back because you prefer to be in America where you can say and do more, but don’t play yourself. Point and fact is Latinos and Asians distinctively have their OWN country to go BACK to anyday, at anytime and get paid fairly whatever their hollywood scale is. No woman from another country can go into anybodys elses and claim that they don’t get paid more than the natives of that country.

You are doing TOO MUCH!

Black women are native and constitutional citizens, to what was once known as the United States of America. Black women have been here since day one. And not by her own will like you. Of course this doesn’t include the minimal percentage of African migrators like Indians, Arabs, Latinos and Asians. What part don’t y’all understand that you ALL have countries to go back to. While you think you blend in the red cross has all of our DNA accounted for and you best just enjoy your “white” classification and undeserved privilege and shut the frank up.

Latinos (predominantly white through colonialism) are number 1 in your grandmothers lineage of birth and land in their public media and cinema. Let some black woman go over there and get an acting role and then complain that they get paid less than the Native born Latino or Asian or Indian women there. The women who are in their own country! That Black woman will be deported almost immediately! Many of you legal immigrants have become so entitled and delusional here in your ”American Dream” monetary success, that you fail or forget to adhere to the chain of command. A chain of command that requires some common sense.

Most of you prove you either don’t know the history of America and Black Americans in general, or say it aint so, but you just don’t care. You had no slave history in America period. Neither did Black Americans in your lands. And everywhere you go Males predominantly, chauvinistically rule a nation. They make the decisions and they get paid the jest of more. But you rather sit here on a high horse in a country you were probably an anchor baby in, where Euro and Latin White men and women have migrated to and become a majority, complaining that you get paid less than other races of women in hollywood roles? Well welcome to whats been the struggle of inequality for Black women.

Don’t you dare use us. And don’t you dare expect us to fight your frivolous, petty, irrelevant fight, invalid. At least we know when to let it go. Do you realize Black peoples culture of soul is based here and written all over this American soil/soul. Don’t get amnesia and act like you don’t know that Black Americans are the meat n potatoe, pioneers of entertainment, the biggest contributors to the entertainment industrys talent, the biggest consumers, creators and designers in hollywood. Are you Latinos that daft or are you that greedy and apparently cowardly to sit up here and complain about your ten pieces of silver to a panel and not the male owners? This interview seem to prove so.

As for Mrs. Gabrielle Union, you can be excuse because you just seem to be caught in the crossfire. good person empathizing for the sake of being fair. I get why you had no chance to think about the jam you were just put in. This Latino woman whats its face, Gina Rodriguez, should be more concerned with being permanently beneath men and not other women whose country’s they have invaded in the first place. She looks no different than the average European White woman, so maybe she should have changed her last name, like most, to the same thing White women get in Hollyweird.

Honestly I wouldn’t have even known she existed, let alone, is an actress, if it wasn’t for this report by MTO> … And of course we all know MTO is for entertainment purposes only and is not a reputable site for accurate reporting, so I had to validate its claim out for myself.

Lets get this straight… You didn’t mind migrating over here and destroying the employment segment for livable wages, with your below minimum wage working working off the 📚 asses, now you aren’t getting enough? Listen, its not my fault you cannot represent your country and get the same wages as others in another, if you’re that bothered, go back to where you can do so. You made it out and prospered elsewhere. But some of you will never go back or even remotely help fight and acknowledge the inequality and racism faced by non-Latinos (or non-Asians, etc.) in your countries of grandmothers lineage. But you get to America, got addicted and figured out the blue print, and instead of preach this to your own people in the lands you have dual citizenship in, you want to boo hoo about any and everything that gets you 15 minutes of fame. Spoiled and rotten to the bone much huh?

So sick of you fine hair brain scheming, cluelessly entitled “White” classified, U.S. corporate, non-constitutional citizens, in a majority, who are anchor babies with dual citizenship, complaining after the foodstamps were approved. TRUMP, get control of your legals, not just your illegals. Way minute, you can’t cause you married one. #@&$)(;:-‘\>~#]&)¥£€

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