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This is video is indeed a great work of art  without a doubt! Well, when he isn’t narrating in that gawd awful annoying and condescending voice 😑 🤢😓. For informational purposes is the only reason I decided its worth it to share with you because his personal conclusion and logic is flawed. Just because there is proven to be a spirit and or super natural world (to some), that our amazing (design) so called species, can apparently tap into, it is demonic. This is extremely flawed. Or is it intentional? 🤔 

It is also arrogant and if not selfish of him to say that ‘a human being’, no matter where they come from or what circumstances and culture that they are inherently born into, and no matter how purely good and or righteous their hearts and souls may be, they cannot be favored in the eyes of “God” if they are not Catholics. 

Like come on…

This video content maker weakened the point of his video and made himself akin to a disinfo agent that is playing hegelian dialectic mind games. Revealing truth to make a lie believable. As he trolls the comment section very aggressively in an effort to convert and or keep religulous people just as passive and fearful of the unknown as their religions and churches normally keep them, his rationale is in question. 

Not all agnostic minded people are ignorant to the supernatural possibilities and feats of this world by humanity or the unexplained. We just do not follow mans word blindly because mans word is just that, his word alone and his mere mortal capacity is not written in stone. 

Man is not the powerful being that he depicts himself and who he prefers to worship as a male or masculine deity, “the Creator(s) of All.” We have never gotten anywhere following the word and personal preferences and perceptions of man/male. And man hates to admit this let alone come to terms with his inferior vulnerabilities to be easily manipulated by his very own ego and fear. Hence this great piece of informative, intriguing and well put together video material, in an effort to expose the supernatural practices of many male-volent man-ipulators.

Man lies, numbers don’t and actions speak louder than words. The supernatural even lives/evils coded in the primitive nature of language. There is nothing we are afraid of or need to fear there, why here? 

No answer is necessary. 

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