Hungry Anyone? If the Price is Right…

First off, didn’t the African race once rule the planet? Why would they be in the predicament today if they were doing all things the right way? They made mistakes just like everybody else clearly. Now I love the entire good among the human race/diaspora/etc., but I have mentally gotten past the not so real. Oops is that word *scratches head*? OK it is now…

Why would they, the wealthy, classified hierarchy elites, colonist descendants and or trust fund babies of old money, give a flying piece of rice ass, lol, about Africa when their ancient ancestors are the very ones who invaded, raped, robbed, pillaged and hoarded the resources, then colonized (staked claim/ownership) of the entire continent splitting it into different countries? All the while still extorting it and the rest of the world today by way of an exorbitant, elaborate, invention of a ponzi scheme, known as the world’s monetary system? Do not the African race, people or classes thereof, have physically and mentally capable enough intelligent men and women of all ages, who have hands and feet and a brain just like everybody else to eventually resolve any issues or mistakes they have made in the past and present, with or without help from the outside?

Am I mistaken or did some groups of different African pheno/geno/types help the colonist and or invaders of ancient Egypt (Kmt/Nubia)? Of course not all, in fact, the majority of the population (which was extremely less than it is today) probably did not participate in the taking down of their civilization… However, its history that some did and they knew they were doing exactly that regardless of the consequences (Out of the mouths of African descendants themselves- See Chapter 7 in referenced book “From The Philosophy of Kemetic Soulism Exposes the Diabolical System of Global European Imperialism” -by Maaxeru Tep).

Personally I have no complaints with any specific groups among humanity because we clearly didn’t create life. We may have figured out how to gmo and manipulate the process to our own interest, yes… But my grievances are with whomever is responsible for this entire reality of existence period.. Sometimes it feels so unreal that its almost hard to believe there is a greater purpose of “good” for it all. We Humans don’t even know how the magic of our life force of air works, what created it and how can our physical organs operate based on this invisible substance. Therefore its safe to say we are all crazy! Totally insane. No joke.

Is this so called modern, post colonial era, day and age, not completely controlled by the ones with the most money? Is it not through a glamorized unsustainable, debt-greed based hierarchy currency system? Can this not be called an uhhh ummm, a sort of modern day form of, or extension of colonialism? Don’t the amassed centuries of colonist wealth allow them who own the monetary system, and their descendants, thee exclusive privilege of placing a fictitious price/value on any and everything? Or do we want to keep pretending they accumulated this wealth out of thin air and among themselves and are not using their military might, technological advancements (ancient knowledge) to hold the world population in freemium hostage? Lol. Doesn’t this exclusive privilege to change monetary interest rates at will, create out of reach inflated markets, that make material and natural resources/necessities within reach of specifically only themselves? Since they are the only ones very available to afford any and everything they want and donate to whomever they choose to share/credit some of their currency with..  Isn’t this the reality of he worlds leaders ‘hidden hand’, the money changers?

My goodness people aren’t we supposed to be studying history even more so now bc of the inception of connected databases of world informational systems, as opposed to our various different public and private school education? Come on people let’s at least trying to surpass our once limited education…

Books are fundamental. Or is that reading? Okay, well whatever, I get a lot from them then relying on the word references of any self proclaimed scholar. Especially our filthy rich beloved elites lol. Seriously though.. According to the historical accounts and references of the book “From the Philosophy of Kemetic Soulism exposes the diabolical system of European imperialism” by Maaxeru Tep….. All racially non-African, i.e. Arab, Asian, European and all predominantly non-pure-African in between, were expelled from ancient Kmt [Kemet] (when vowels didn’t exist) long ago. Its not a book declaring blame, hate and resentment, it is just giving clarity to history, and as to why the non-African Caucasian pheno/geno/types of humans, are currently among the most wealthiest hierarchy classes globally and why they were able to practically colonize/conquer the world outside of 10 places. Those places included 1 African region called Ethiopia/Eritrea and some Arab and all Asian regions, who apparently fought among their own in colorist dark-skin to light-skin wars.

Anyways…this specific book, focused on our vase historical timeline, gives reference that at around the 3rd attempt at invasion, with inside African help, was the final successful invasion of ancient Egypt. This was after the Pharaohs had changed the Queendom Matriarchs to a Kingdom of Pharaonic-cut (circumcision) Patriarchs and biblical religious text & cultural rituals (Muslim/Islam Hebrew IsraeliteMoors & later Roman Catholic Christianity male lineage). Don’t quote me but I relay this w/o the many variables in between… Hence, middle eastern African-Arab slave trade, the splitting of the two main, once united nations of the African continent, now split up into 61 different countries (African Countries by population 2018), like the Americas including Canada and it Northern American states. And w/o too many details in between, Rome, and later the African slave trade then the Americas. They, non-African races, are documented to have ruled Africa in chaos and destruction for over 233 yrs and divided it up for their own interest. Whitewashed ancient black-brown hued African peoples ancient historical records, destroyed sculptures, painting, monuments, statues, infrastructure of pyramids, tombs etc., and trashed the great library of Alexandria dedicated to the ancient goddesses and stole ancient tech and secrets of the universe and magic.

So quite a bit of the ancient sciences and knowledge are presumably kept from us on purpose, that was already known, no matter what colour, race, creed, tribe, were traded and made slaves and eunuchs etc.. Even though I acknowledge that we are all of African descent, the differences lie in our biological declarations of sub-specie differences. Hence, Persian, Ottoman Empire, Slavs, Circassians…, ancient voluntary servitude laws. Religions were made up apparently bc spiritual Ma’at and self governess among a united front or populace, was not quite understood by non African cultures, who had hierarchy male centered priesthood monarchs, empress/emperors empires. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

The ancient practices of elder wisdom in advanced civilizations that had mystical stories of the supernatural, was not fully understood or the laws that governed them, were respected. There are carvings and paintings of 12 jurors of elders, that existed on the pyramid walls, before modern day courts, that also, decided against a wrong doers fate. A disruption of the universal laws of peace and self preservation for all went on for thousands of years on a Ethiopian 13 month yearly calendar.

As we can now see everything is apparently about who rules to control the material resources, physical body, mind, and through the inventions of religions, the spirit. I do respect them all and believe they all have truth to them, but I will stay neutral till further notice. The further studying of history, has led me to many answers as to why it seems like mostly all “developed” and underdeveloped (colonized) African countries peoples seem or are deemed primitive and their leaders are not as self sufficient as most of the non-African countries outside the continent. I now understand the reasons for confusion and corruption among them, colorism that plagues almost every region in the world, direct and or indirect, public subservience and economic dependence on predominantly non-African countries for monetary help, modern development, governance and or infrastructure.

As my irrelevant opinion comes to a close on this video of this pointless comment under the YouTube video ’10 Most Expensive Foods In The World’… May I say that all I thought as I stumbled upon it and watched in shear amazement, how I believe the ancient men of the universe, old and new, seem to reluctantly desire for the indulgence and pleasures of temporary gratification, as we have all lost our way as an entire species, once one with the womb-man. We seem to be literally living in cosmic kharma chaos, if it in fact actually exist the way believed.

Is it no wonder how we have such people that exist, who have all at their finger tips, claiming exclusivity to lives of abundance and making certain types of food, a luxury, even though, food and water produced from the earth, does not belong to only them to claim any type of outrageous monetary value over. Hm I’m just afraid to ask whats next… But we can use our imagination here since there actually exist foods costing thousands of dollars in the first place… Lol wow.

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