Channel: Mark Wiens

My apologies to you vegans 🌱 and to all the animals slaughtered inhumanely! But eat your heart out with one of my favorite food travelers ✈️ as a youtube content provider. This is one interesting person. He will just melt your heart with his bright smiles and also maybe annoy you lol. At least until or if, you get used to him. Or drive you to make an anonymous comment just to cuss him out. Almost couldn’t decide which succulent, mouth watering 😋 video of his I should share lol.

Let me tell you that he seems genuinely humble as he travels from country to country discovering different dishes and foods to taste and share the experience with us. I used to think, channels like this were fake, boring, and a waste of my time because they are so predictable. But Mark caught my short attention span and showed me that the only thing predictable about his videos, was that repetitively, silly, addictive smile of his lol. Can’t call it though y’all. Don’t know whether dude be on cloud 19, or maybe the happiest 😄 guy on earth. You may know better than me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ its all good.

SPOILER ALERT:  What makes hm so much more interesting is that he doesn’t hide his life and travels with his immediate family, wife and baby boy. As well as others in his extended. He is definitely unlike the average, which separates him from all the rest.


To all those who are reading this, please feel free to email me some of your best suggestions of YouTube pages that may be of your interest and or possibly drop a quick comment down below on the Channel you enjoy also and why. Thanks!

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for this YouTube channel. I am an independent blogger with no monetary gain or affiliation with this YouTube channel. Nor do I personally know this channel’s owner. This is strictly for entertainment purposes and fun only!

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