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What is a Healthy Relationship?

💯 facts 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 BravO…

Life may be a little rough, but so much better w/o fake family and friends around, that only act like an obligation to you, instead of normal people who genuinely care about your well being! Let’s be honest.

This world and the way history has gone has turned a born innocent, bright and inquisitive, naturally intelligent, passionate, kind, emotionally driven amazing species into a depraved of natural unconditional genuine love for each other, lacking in real green and earth food nutrition and Sun 🌞 energy dependent, whom is now predominantly a cruel, cold and callous, modernized dumbed down humanity. And sometimes, if not most times, we may not even realize it.

Neither do we want to believe that we literally grow up forced into mental slavery and normalized dysfunction to a hierarchy of intelligent subspecies of humans. A monetary wealthy hierarchy class that have set up a controlled semi-technologically advanced society based off envy and greed. Quite frankly we are being conditioned to see our value as that of how much paper money we can accumulate in a lifetime. Most times from the ultimate sacrifice of our mind, body and souls with back breaking, wealthy corporate executives and their shareholders, pleasing, cheap labor and lack of development. Whether you are born into poverty or wealth, we are all socially programmed to be fashionably cruel to one another and petty for every single thing. The more you acquire, the more encouraged you are tosee empathy as a weakness rather than a strength. 

None of these socially dysfunctional relationships among family and society in general is or are normal. The Ants 🐜 and Bumble Bees 🐝 are smarter than us, now that we have devolved in to, sometimes I think 🤔, almost a point of no return.

In my opinion, there is just no defeating or turning back from cosmic kharma. Personal and or collectively. It is very real. And no telling what kind of individual or other life form one would be born into if one don’t at least try to make an effort to positively think and come to terms with truth in this life cycle. 

Any and all kinds of evil destroys itself eventually and evidently. This is proven throughout the timeline of her-story turned to history. On the other hand, pure and genuine, unadulterated goodness, effectively positively evolves the consciousness higher and higher to greatness. I heard a wise elder once say “Straddling the fence is what most do.” Basically meaning we bullshyt and play both sides of the coin (good vs evil) to our advantage. A lil of this and a lil of that.

No matter how we slice it we are clearly here to learn how to evolve higher, not devolve into an unfeeling, unkind, cruel, heartless nothingness. The world only ends for those that refuse to change for the better and except whatever everybody else they respect for acquiring or being born with the most paper wealth, is doing. People brag about and think its ok to be stuck in their own subconsciously developed ways, because its too scary to see how detriment their faults are to themselves and others around them. Others that they may or may not be responsible for or have a obligation to care for.

This is rationale why these religions and all who follow them, only tend to foresee destruction, conformity and passivity to evil 🦹‍♀️ masked as high IQ’s. But why do they (religions) remain in the same place mentally and spiritually from being to the end of their life cycles? Because is pretty hard to deprogram the brain from an early uneducation of strict discipline into confusion and treacherous people and life experiences one may be born into.

Change has to be made, either by ourselves or by nature. Yet ‘we the people’, think bc evil predominantly has been given a pass to operate, reign and control the worlds society’s they intervened with, that these overlords nutcracks are getting away scott free w/o dire consequence. This thinking is why we are purposely dumbed down. We fight the wrong people and for the wrong causes. Aren’t we naturally supposed to protect ourselves and better interest by any means necessary? If so why do we choose to follow the leader in all its insanity and complain and cry later when we don’t get the results we wanted or expect?

Can we agree that most, if not all families in the entire scope of this modern day post colonial civilization, are dysfunctional whether they will admit it or look like it or not.

Family’s exist and are created for a reason. And to do each other so badly is something that cannot or should not be ignored. It has to be addressed as such. Because our instincts know better and but people generally make excuses for bad behavior for people that are supposed to be family and our who we mostly feel in debt or obligated to. Yet thats all it is to them, an obligation that they may resent. And when thats the case, leave them bee 🐝. 

Some ppl aren’t meant to grow with you! Blood or not. Blood is thicker than water but blood can also be posioned the same way. Period.

No spoilers. Just an emotionally charged rant 😝 

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