CEOs Wanted: No conscience required hired on thee spot!

U.S. Economy Enters Decline: Layoffs, Store Closures, Chase Mortgage, Ford Motors, Verizon

The same reason we have a system that actually have a filthy wealthy elite class, a upper class, a middle class, a lower class and a poor-poverty class. Its an unsustainable, yet elaborate and quite intelligent, ponzucchini scheme and we are subservient to it by our very own military might and allegiance by force. Like it or not. You have a better solution?
There is no justifying it, no more than colonialism, or cookies lol, but with us as the human capital, being the backbone and fosters of it, I’ve come to realize that its just the way things happen to pan out. Maybe its the way they are supposed to be or else the upper echelons of folks may have protested to utilize something better for the society as a whole by now.
What is the point of this video and this particular comment, that they both already know the answer to?
I don’t claim to know everything but I don’t expect the money changers to be any more moral and generous in the future of than they have already been past and present. If there can actually exist food costing over $10,000 somewhere lol, that the majority will never see, let alone get a taste of… If there can exist edible gold that is consumed with these foods, then what can I not expect?
Was common sense ever at all as common as we think? These markets are made to keep the wealthy in exclusivity above all and untouchable from their extreme lower income worker bees and debt slaves. Its a non brainer. And the extreme salaries of the CEOs should not be shocking. It is how they operate bc these corporations run the world.
Many videos and comments similar to this like to complain when, all anyone with the money and power would have to do is pay these same people a few crumbs from their scraps that they’re not used to, for them to either participate, shut up and sit idle by watching while the corporations screw the rest of the docile public like clockwork.
Nothings fair in love and war, we just are in denial of it bc we pray and wish it was. If you know this already, think deeper.
This is a system of capitalism w/o a moral compass. The best interest of the people is not mandatory by the money changers, it is a right. Like you have the right to remain silent. Lol. It is your right to help the poor or not because it is your money to do whatever you want to do with and you have no obligation to share it with the less fortunate. Sometimes if you  choose to help the poor too much, it can even become illegal. Sharing is not caring nor is it in the play book of big business.
Put y’all big girl big boy panties on, and tell me whats the point of this comment? These corporations are not in the business of donating tissue for your tears unless somethings in it for them. They only have tunnel vision. What is the point of the video, where are some better solutions?
Scrolling the comments are very interesting though… Some get it and well most think they can play this game just as well as the ones that own it. “As long as it don’t effect me..” attitudes are all over the place. Go figure.

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