Burn Baby Burn 🎶 ? Absolutely NOT!!!

You who made this video and the narrators are of the most disgusting of black/brown or predominantly of African descent, human beings! You characters know exactly what you say and do! Nitwits like you don’t speak for us (predominant Dna of African descent, regardless of the minimal admixture’s) all of the diaspora that with your sick freakin’ religulous bs.

None of you have yet to graduate from your potty training. If you can’t see how these Elites control the world around us and creat chaos for them to gain more control and promote order, then you are 2 left foots out the door. This whole town burned down🔥as rapidly as it did, smell of fish n chips. But this isn’t the point.

Now I tend to empathize and tolerate you because there is no other way to keep peace among us. But you always prove that you are just as hateful as “the ones” among our ancestors that sold their own out. The ones that committed all kinds of evil ever know to man. I.e., circumcision, fornication, homo ritualism by declaration of ruling conquering pharaohs and their perversion, and fighting among each other, all for the sake of some narcissistic power.

Majority of you men today, and your low frequency low self esteem, female sheep, whom does not know thyself, still don’t get it. And clearly you will mostly likely die that way, with your ego intact. You are just as lost spiritually, mentally and physically as anyone else. But you have the nerve to talk about “the unchosen ones” who apparently defeated and enslaved some of our ancestors. Not once do you acknowledge some reasons they did what they did was because you dominant Dna men, were whoring with their women and trying to intefere with their personally and or racial progress among themselves.

Whether it was uncivilized or not. You didn’t MIND TOUR GADAM BUSINESS AND NOW YOU’RE BIG MAD! In all actuality, the bottom line is that it don’t matter where the so-called “unchosen” came from bc if your ancestors were here first, the majority of their ass have long since proven to be unworthy and weak spirited. Like an imbecile of low frequency intelligence. Majority of the so called original Africans today who reside freely within their own borders, can’t even think their way out of their demise and genocide abroad and in the west today. Hm forget about our black American slave traded asses.

The entire colonized continent of Africa, is happily apart of the UN. Where humanities so called ancient ancestors started out from. Are you in denial like most? You men literally as a gender are some freaking retarded ass egoists! Smh.
Even many a caucAsian scientist and or scholars has admitted he knows the Y chromosome is of an X and was in a majority, especially due to his either hidden or unknown origins.

You black/browns/yellow-browns (not red) cannot unite and make peace among yourselves to save your lives. I have come to the conclusion that you’re literally dumb or something. Yet you want to be respected as a leader or some head of the woman and children. How do you take from the women and children, rape, rob, murder and or plain abandon them in droves even if you were raised by one alone, then pump out your chest when an adult, and call yourselves “real original men” only to cry and complain about being conquered by a man of lesser hue? Can y’all prove and exhibit yourselves to be anymore dumb to this existence?

Even in the heart of exposed modern day, stolen ancient technology advances (whose secrets are still not fully understood), you shame yourselves with dense low frequency ego wars. And you wonder why every lesser hue of and or humankind, thinks the primitives among the original melanin rich hued people, are the only ones left here on this planet. And quite frankly it really looks as if they might not be too far off. The most spiritually advanced, purely righteous, subconsciously wise and highly naturally intelligent souls, have either escaped this realm of a prison planet (anywhere from ping pong bliss to a torturous hellish material dense matter of an existence) or died off.

Maybe we idiots are the remnants of these ancient souls of lower dense matter. Like some type of torturous reincarnations meant to forever come back and suffer bc we fkdup so damn bad, that it was irreparable (un-repairable). These types of so called black trash 🗑 are all over YouTube and the internet making this fear porn. I love the freedom and opportunity the internet gives us as a species. But these kinds of people don’t want solutions, they want attention, and undeserved recognition. Their talking points are counterproductive, biased, uneducated, underproductive, condescending, and lacking any concrete solutions.

Unlike people like Cynthia-G and the like of her necessary narratives, focusing on repairing the systematically broken self esteem and restoring the right to pride and unity among our fellow countrymen of our immediate Black American Negro descended diaspora (excluding any foreign with their own country to go back to). We have a story. We have a sacred genotype of unmatched people that we are predominantly counted as being a valid group. We are not 3’5ths of a human being. We are evolved people of the dominant Dna collective derived from African descent and all kinds of other lesser admixture’s.

These are just people who called themselves “chosen” because they feel deprived and they never learned that acknowledgement by anyone, is not what their soul needs. Its love of self. They are covertly borderline selfish, bitter, overall unhappy because they cannot face truth if it stared them in the face. If brown faces like me even try to call them out on their turf, they will attack me viciously. I will be called all kinds of coons, sell outs and or bed-wenches, etc., w/o a second thought. Like unruly spoiled children who have never learned the art of self discipline and how to actually listen before jumping angry on the defensive.

It is w/o saying. And with that said. Happy holiday to the people choosing to move on today. People only wanting happiness, who are choosing to give thanks to their emotionally and supportive mature family and or friends. Of the diaspora of all the people, just trying to make sense of surviving in safety, another day, and taking it one day at a time. We are all a bit confused. But I refuse to follow the confusingly deranged. I know we have much to fix and I’m here for it. I get tired of seeing White people with everything and anything and all the advantages known to man, and yet still bot satisfied, hateful towards non-Whites and in majority support of systematic racial discrimination where it benefits them as a collective.

I too regret more of the worlds history, past and present than a little bit. However, I in no way shape of form, choose to hope for, pray for and or wish death and destruction on ANY ONE common people of today, including classified White people. Don’t we have enough people with every material thing imaginable, with every type of luxury and extravagant experience and opportunity at their very finger tips and hearts desire, but they still prove to be psychotic and or emotionally depraved? I don’t have time for the bs from either of the two lunatic camps. Wealthy (whatever that is) or poor. I am going with living to love, in my personal hopes of eventually learning to love to live. Despite all the things keeping us all apart and deprived of a life of health and happiness.

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