Are You Here For It?

Lengthier than I care to listen to from anyone on YouTube, unless it makes sense… However, this took me by surprise as I listened for my usually 5 minutes TOPS, expecting to shut it DOWN! But I became quickly intrigued with how this was done. And that’s a first for my short attention span hehe. Hmmm yep yeah whatever, it was alright I guess… Naw jkjk lol, nicely done! Think I aughta share this on my page due to the positivity and the content.

Oh and this was a INTERVIEW about the personal views of Miss Cynthia-g, not a love session, not a commentary, not a average flapping of the gums, run of the mill, YouTube monetize’r. Hey but you decide… Didn’t bore me though! I had plenty of french fries and ketchup while listening. No spoilers!

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