Alfredo Bowman: Dr Sebi

Exclusive | Dr Sebi’s Family REVEALS His Death | Fake Products, The Betrayal, Hiss Mistress & Legacy

Absolutely positively NO Spoilers!

I need not say much about this interview other than I enjoy it. Since I myself had no access to the resources to approach the subject, I was speculating 🤔 and patiently waiting for someone to do it. Thank you Mrs. Tasha K!

On another 📝

What a lot of people think is a ‘Soul Mate’ is in reality, a cognitive dissonance emotional and or mental attachment. Black American women as a collective (of course others also), suffer from this generation after the next. As if it is a societal cultural norm and not a hindrance. I speak from experience.

This generally starts out in infancy and childhood. Some things are easily corrected w/o emotional ill intent or fault of the parent or guardians doing or don’t. It stems from the necessity of that beloved one on one focus and genuine care and attention (love 🥰) that we either received or lacked. The lack thereof is called deprivation. Deprivation has many stages. Some more severe than others and the worse is proven to be deadly to the most vulnerable among us. Infants and babies.

For example, there are very cruel and imo, wicked, but real life study’s that exist. See below👇🏾




Studies that document every stage of abandoned babies that were deliberately deprived of love and affection. They were fed, changed and bathed. But they were rarely touched in a caring manner as in bonding and never cuddled. Well the outcome, SPOILER…  They became withdrawn and silent of prior protest of desperate crys 😢 to emotional delirium and then eventually death.

And they say humans can adapt to any environment. WRONG!

As far as Soul Mates are concerned, this proves much about why we crave the love of another so much when they have lost interest and want another. Or they are done loving us romantically, physically, emotionally, spiritually etc.. The ways we wish to be loved by them. Whatever is expected of us and what we are exposed to innour environments from birth and on plays a big part. But overall, part of the process is just Nature (Nurture).

Living happy fulfilling life long experiences and learning from our mistakes, is what every single one have a right to while alive. Avoiding the stresses of everyday common societal woes and oppression, whether rich or poor, eliminating possible low self esteem, insecurity, conscious self sabatoge and censorship, is pertinent to our sanity thus survival.

Yet we may find ourselves working hard but working even harder to be something accept, rather than how we’re most comfortable. Respect is earned. All of the pressures of society and lack of everyday genuine appreciation (love) can cause functional depression and personality disorders. Which if not personally addressed, in its severest forms, can cause us to harm ourselves or another.

Yes this may be a bit off the topic, but when you’ve viewed the video and listened to the entire interview, you will understand why I am saying this.

So many are made to be insensitive to the fact that we, with whom exist as a unique species, cannot live w/o the affection and genuine touch of another. And from our very beginning to the end. Which is why we can be easily manipulated and fooled by someone pretending to care a great deal about us. It is one of the most notable ways to infiltrate and manipualte ones natural thought process.

Why one feels obligated to care but forces themselves to. Maybe we once cared a great deal, but we need something else, rather than more. Or someone cares for us but no longer care like they once did. Instead of being taught from the cradle to the grave, to accept change and growth individually. We tend to put faith in the fairytales of a possible night and shining armor, among the very MANY fallacies of men.

Shouldn’t us women (sorry fellows) embrace maturity and teach our daughters with genuine love and give her the respect of truth? No matter how brutal as the honesty may be, it’ll also heal. Any hurt shall pass but her respect and honor may forever be with her.

Why force our love on people we think we want to love us? Its so much better when it comes naturally w/o negative influence. Its not going to one day eventually cause them to appreciate our undesired persistence and reciprocate, unless they get old and feel desperate and undesirable. I guess if that “floats your boat” 🚣‍♀️, (shout out to an old friend Bertha aka Linda for that saying 🤣).

The feeling of yearning for affection is so very strong. But whose to say the person(s), we think that we may need and love, haven’t gotten all the love that they needed, from their time with us? Whose to say that we don’t need more than they can offer?

I understand so much why Mrs Iyanla Vanzant (❤️ Her) has to make us do the work and go back in time to where it all started.

This is what is meant when one cannot let go. And I am talking to and or aboutwomen mainly. Because this is a mans world, we have been involuntarily and voluntarily been designated mules of the earth. Despite carrying the species through our birth canals into life, nurtured in our sacred wombs.

Our jobs are many but oh so important. Some come naturally, and some, we learn as we go. Whats best for me may not be best for you and I get that now. And it made me a believer that sometimes its best to love someone from a distance. Then to force what needs to be eventually dealt with and or healed from within. This transcends relationships, love, family, friends.

Fellows, you’re not left out. With that said, if you look around you can see that the fate of the woman is the fate of the man!

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