Gon’ Cardi-BE Fine as Wine🍷-😳Jo no comprehende’

“Say whactcha want I don’t have no empathy or sympathy for this bull””t here… NOW I GOTTA GO!” -unwinewithtashak

#Epic. Leave it up to Good ole entrepreneurial Tasha K to give me a nice hearty raspy laugh, along with a serious life lesson, then offer me a drink 🥃 all at the same time. Lol, smh.

When it comes to this industry sorcerer (by her own recognizance of “Sangria”.) puppeteer, anything is possible. However, I don’t think suddenly canceling tour dates after contracts are signed and paid for, would be so easily allowed. What Tasha K said is definitely plausible given the mental capacity of the reality tv star turn rapper celebrity sensation, almost over night, that we are dealing with.

Hm I think it may be a bit deeper than that… 🤔 don’t know exactly for sure. As if I or anyone ever will, though I must say the mind is a terrible thing to waste. But apparently, with enough money and MAN-pulation, the easiest thing to control.

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