Happy New [Fooled] Ya earrr 🥳 Everybody Woo Hoo 🎈🎉🎊

Even though I personally don’t believe this silly fraudulent calendar that Pope Gregory XIII’s imagined up, Ill play along in dysfunction anyway for the sake of the people I care about. So Happy News Years 🎈 🎉 🎊 to all y’all meatheads. Ha ha don’t take it so seriously. Knowing is half the battle. And as long as you all are happy and keep your spirits high as you like, thats all that matters. I just want to give you a little food for 💭 thought today. Enjoy 😉

We’ve been using the Gregorian calendar for 434 years. It’s still bizarre – Brad Plumer on October 4, 2016 10:00am:

“Since he was pope, Gregory was able to persuade Catholic countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal to adopt the new calendar immediately. But Protestant countries were wary of this new popish initiative, seeing it as a suspicious Catholic intrusion.”


The Death and Life of the 13-Month Calendar -MARK BYRNES DEC 11, 2014A

The article goes on to explain, “every holiday from Christmas around to Thanksgiving will find its most appropriate Monday.” The International Fixed calendar sucked the personality out of marking time, making every week and month as predictable as humanly possible. No longer would a boss have to deal with the trivial disruption of workers getting an occasional Tuesday or Thursday holiday and possibly taking a few extra days off around it.

While the death of the calendar’s biggest financier and proponent in 1932 also meant the death of the movement, Kodak’s steady decline and eventual switch back to a 12-month system dug the International Fixed Calendar a deeper grave.

Businessmen of any era (not the entire spectrum of humanity as a collective species looking to positively evolve) might appreciate such a creation—former Kodakers like Cirocco are living testaments to that—but implementing the 13-month calendar on a national or global scale never seemed worth the disruption to people outside the worlds of industry and commerce. It still doesn’t.


HISTORY of the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar – RUBEN LlINA’S MAR 22, 2017

The 13-month, 28-day alternative has been in use on this planet for more than 6000 years. In prehistoric India and China, and throughout South America it was the standard time-keeping system. The Essenes, Egyptians, Polynesians, Maya, Inca, Lakota, and Cherokee used a 13-month, 28-day calendar. The Celtic knowledge of the Druids is based on the Tree Calendar, also a 13-month, 28-day calendar. Today many cultures are still using their traditional 13-month calendar system


“All Indigenous Peoples of the Earth know and respect the wisdom and power of the turtle. Within turtle’s shell is the knowledge of time and the wisdom of the thirteen moons. Turtle’s wisdom is the power of cosmic knowledge. Thirteen scales make up the back of turtle’s shell. It takes thirteen moons for Earth to go around the sun just once. Among the Indigenous Peoples of North America, Earth is known as Turtle Island.

To remember that Earth is Turtle Island is to remember the way of the Earth guided by the cosmic power of thirteen moons. In the original time, turtle’s wisdom was known by every child of the Earth. Every child knew that thirteen moons is the path to walk. It is the path of life that needs no explaining.

After the original time came the seeds and the planting. Then came the sword, and the forgetting. During the last four hundred years the Indigenous Peoples of the planet retreated deeper into the forest, the wilderness, the jungle. Wherever they went, they were followed by the machine and the twelve-month calendar of colonialism. Deprived of their own time, the Indigenous Peoples were forced into the false time of the machine.”


Calendar reform is not a new crazy idea…

It is important for us to remember that during the first half of the 20th century, a vigorous and well organized calendar reform movement flourished. George Eastman of Eastman Kodak organized a great campaign on behalf of a particular 13-month, 28-day calendar, known as The International Fixed Calendar, a perpetual calendar (same every year) with 13 equal months of exactly 4 weeks (28 days) each, comprising 364 days, and with the final 365th day held not in any week or month, often known as a “Null Day” or “Zero Day,” so that the first day of the year is always the first day of the week, a Sunday.

In the United States alone, over one hundred industries adopted a 13-month, 28-day perpetual calendar. Kodak used one until 1989.It was announced that on January 1, 1933, we would return to 13 months of 28 days each. But the Vatican resisted to it by focusing on a campaign against the “Null Day.”

They argued that a break in the succession of the seven-day week would create chaos and calamity. George Eastman Kodak, one of the most well known 13-month, 28-day calendar proponents of that time, was murdered within the next year after the Vatican stopped the calendar change. This calendar story has been swept under the history carpet.”


Foundation for the Law of Time – José Argüelles/Valum Votan, The Call of Pacal Votan, 2016-2017

“The 13 Moon, 28-day calendar is a new standard of time for all people everywhere who desire a genuinely new world. If the calendar and time we follow is irregular, artificial and mechanized, so becomes our mind. As is our mind, so our world becomes, as is our world today: Irregular, artificial and mechanized. But if the calendar we follow is harmonic and in tune with natural cycles, so also will our mind become, and so we may return to a way of life more spiritual and in harmony with nature.

The 13 Moon calendar synchronizes solar and galactic cycles on July 26 correlating with the star Sirius. Each of the 13 moons has a power, action, and quality which define an annual program to synchronize our consciousness with the galactic cycles. As a perfect measure of cosmic time, this calendar is actually a synchronometer, an instrument for measuring synchronicity. Followed daily, it gives us a new lens in which to perceive events. In the New Time, synchronicity is the norm.

The 13 Moon 28-day synchronometer is a harmonic timespace matrix. It takes the moon 28 days to orbit the Earth; it makes this orbit 13 times each year. The standard of measure is the 28-day cycle, called a moon, because it is the median between the 29.5-day synodic cycle of the moon (new moon to new moon) and the 27.1-day sidereal cycle of the moon.

Hence, it is a measure of Earth’s solar orbit using the 28-day lunar standard. This creates a perfect orbital measure of 13 moons of 28 days, totaling 364 days, or 52 perfect weeks of 7 days each. Because the 365th day is no day of the moon or week at all, it is known as the “day out of time” – a day to celebrate peace through culture and time is art!

“The Thirteen Moon calendar is an evolutionary tool to assist humanity in the unprecedented act of uniting itself on one issue central to its complete well-being: time. The harmonic convergence of humanity on this one issue, combined with the inescapable order, perfection and simplicity of following the 13 Moon calendar will lift the species as a simultaneous whole into the galactic timing frequency of 13:20.”

For further proof that our lunar calendar, beginning with January 1, in the coldest of winter time, is npt correct and also not the beginning of our New Year…👇🏾 See below…

If we were in sync with the laws of nature as nature takes care of us, the spring time beginning early, April would be the beginning of our New Year.

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