I know that’s Right! She said that includes ALLLLLL of you HUMANS or some of y’all ALIENS or whatever.. She said what she said!!!

How I loved this good, pure, brilliant, genuinely soul of a woman dearly. We may have not agreed on all things religious wise, but that didn’t matter. Her knowledge is power and her truth is powerful! She gave me a lot of humor, and dignity with her strong passion… but she also shut me up and taught me a lot, which demanded that I forever respect her, after I researched her information to find that a lot of what she claimed about her knowledge of history and the constitution, was indeed found to be fact. Hard to find but found nonetheless!

Some may shock you and even amaze you or make you take a closer look… What the case for you personally, its Up to you to decided what is true to you!

I dedicated this category to hers truly. You may just enjoy her as much as I did…

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