🤭 Stairway to Heaven #finally?maybe?

“Warning. This video may shock you. EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS before it is deleted.”
-The Truth can change Your life

Now this is what I would call profound, if not amazing. A web of broad information is what I call divinely inspired, if not true, right(eous) answers and solutions.

I must say that I have come across some very thought provoking, seemingly felt accurate analysis before, and from unsuspecting characters of different walks of life, but this is like gold. I have never heard anything with as detailed as this. My conscience says ‘all true’ and my skepticism 🤨 says ‘absolutely possibly true’. What now? How could a random, not happen to leave me with unanswered questions? Well except for one.

SPOILER ALERT 🚨 : The question of ‘what created the ONE?’. However, personally I feel like, given the fact that IT is supposedly working in our best interest, as we all have blindly hoped and prayed for generation after the next, I no longer yearn for the answer to that question in particular. I care more about and appreciate being able to stumble upon the receipt of this valuable information. This that has filled in the gaps (for myself at least) and as much of the missing pieces inside my tortured consciousness. My consciousness, that has been deprived of True love since my natural birth. And the necessity for the knowledge of needing to be one with, give and receive True love, for oh so very long.

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