😯 Could this be just what you’ve been waiting for?

100% Unreported on mainstream media! SPOILER ALERT!!!

Dark web reports why Govt. Shutdown = Deep State Military Tribunals have begun! You heard it first in the video uptop and second here!!! Ooo somebody in trouble…

Okay on a serious 📝…

Could this be the beginning of accountability and consequences for treason in the American government? Or is this just another false flag of hope? Welp, I would say the evidence presented by this lone ranger youtuber is pretty strong, if not detailed. However, as skeptical I am, I’m gonna have to let you decide. It almost gives me chills.

Whatever the case, this may be the beginning of a long overdue, anticipated or maybe unexpected forms of justice that no faith could restore like humanity agreeable to “with liberty and justice for all”. Well we shall soon see, won’t we?


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